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High Strength Lubrication Graphite Bearings For Water Pump

High Strength Lubrication Graphite Bearings For Water Pump

Now Brings You The Best Quality High Strength Lubrication Graphite Bearings For Water Pump With Stable Performance.Professional Manufacturer of Graphite Bearing, Carbon Graphite Sleeve for Industry, Graphite Bushing Manufacturer / Supplier In China.

Product Details

Tennry Carbon Co.,Ltd, one of the professional manufacturers of graphite products in China, now brings you the best quality high strength lubrication graphite bearings for water pump with stable performance. With experienced staff and advanced equipment in our factory, you can rest assured to wholesale products at cheap price with us.

High Strength Lubrication Graphite Bearings For Water Pump


1.Long-term use without maintenance;
2.;Be able in a wide temperature range; 
3. Metal substrate has good shock absorption;

4.Resistant to dust, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and resistance to edge load  apacity;
5.Has a low coefficient of friction and smooth, no "sticky" phenomenon;
6. Designed for high static load and dynamic load;

7. Suitable for reciprocating, rotary and oscillating so frequent and difficult to form a film starts the occasion.


Physical and chemical indicators of graphite bearing


NO.DensityCompressiveFlexuralResistivityAshParticle size




Compared with many metallic materials and non-metallic materials, graphite materials have a relatively 

high thermal stability and thermal conductivity and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion. More remarkably, graphite

materials will not have chemical reactions with most acid and alkali solution and 

salt solution. Graphite materials also have the capability of self-lubricating. The carbon graphite materials 

have a friction coefficient of only 0.04-0.05 when they are in friction with many metal parts without lubricants. 

That is a very low friction coefficient


The graphite parts we manufactured are widely used in all kinds of machinery devices. Because of  their 

top quality and lower price ,they are very fond of by our customer.Don't hesitate to try us if you are just in 

the market for such products.Free samples can shipped for your referrence. 



packaging 1.jpg

Product Uses


Product NameIndustryApplication
Crucible,Boat,Dish,etc.MetallurgyMelting,refining and analysis
Dies,Molds,Ingot Chassis,etc.

EDM graphite electrodes,semiconductor manufacturing,iron,steel

and nonferrous metal making,continuous casting,metallurgy pressing machine

Graphite Roller,etc.Heat treatment of steel plate in furnace
Conduit,Skateboard,etc.Aluminum molding
Graphite PipeGuard pipe for measuring temperature,blowpipe,etc
Graphite BlockMasonry furnace and other heat resistance material
Chemical EquipmentChemistry

Heat exchanger,reaction tower,distillation columns,absorption

equipment,centrifugal pumps,etc

Electrolytic PlateSalt solution and baking molten salt electrolyte
Electrolytic MercuryNaCI electrolyte
Grounded AnodeElectrical anticorrosion
Motor BrushElectricityCommutator,slipping ring
Current CollectorSkate,slide,trolley
Mercury Ferry And Electronic PipeElectronics

Anode,grid pole,repeller pole,ignition pole of the Mercury

rectifier and anode,grid electrode

Graphite BearingMachineryHigh temperature resistance sliding bearing
Sealing ElementSealing ring,stuffing box seal,packing seal
Product ElementBraking in plane and vehicle
Nuclear GraphiteNuclear PowerDeceleration materials,reflective materials,shielding materias,nuclear fuel,support devices,etc




1.When can i get the price?

We usually quote within 24 hours after getting your detailed requirements,like size,quantity etc. . 

If it is an urgent order, you can call us directly.


2. Do you provide samples?

Yes, samples are available for you to check our quality. 

Samples delivery time will be about 3-10 days. 


3.What about the lead time for mass product?

The lead time is based on the quantity,about 7-12days.For graphite product,apply Dual-use items

license need about 15-20working days


4.What is your terms of delivery?

We accept FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, etc. You can choose the most convenient way for you. Besides that, 

we can also shipping by Air and Express. 


5.Product packaging?

We are packed in wooden cases, or according to your requirements.



The actual price will depends on raw materials,exchange rate ,wage and your order quantity .

Hope to cooperation with you,Thanks !


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