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Small Size High Density Carbon Graphite Pipe Price

Small Size High Density Carbon Graphite Pipe Price

Different Graphite Materials Are Available For Graphite Pipes For Different Applications. Extruded,Vibrated, Reused,Impregnated And Oxidation Resistant Graphite Pipes Are Available.The Advantages Of High Temperature Resistant,Chemical Stability,Special Thermal Shock Resistance,Thermal Conductivity...

Product Details

Small Size High Density Carbon Graphite Pipe Price


    • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

    • Brand Name:TENNRY

    • Application: Mechanical industries

    • Dimensions: As your requirements

    • Chemical Composition:Carbon>99%

    • Bulk density: 1.80g/cm3

    • Ash  content: 0.3%

    • Compressive strength: 55Mpa

    • Flexural strength: 30Mpa

    • Grain size: 325mesh

Physical and chemical indicators

  • NODensityCompressiveFlexuralResistivityAshGrain size



1.High temperature resistant
2.Chemical stability
3.Special thermal shock resistance
4.Thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity

Different graphite materials are available for graphite pipes for different applications. Extruded,Vibrated, Reused,

Impregnated and Oxidation resistant graphite pipes are available.graphite pipes can be manufactured and to select

graphite materials as per your requirements or working conditions

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Tennry Carbon Co.,Ltd, one of the professional manufacturers of graphite products in China, now brings you the best quality small size high density carbon graphite pipe price with stable performance. With experienced staff and advanced equipment in our factory, you can rest assured to wholesale products at cheap price with us.
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