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High Quality Graphite Crucible for Jewelry

High Quality Graphite Crucible for Jewelry

Jewelry Crucible, Graphite Crucible, High Quality Crucible manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Quality Graphite Crucible for Jewelry, Outdoor Advertising Custom Mesh Fabric Banner, Fence Wrap Mesh Banner, Digital Printing Custom Advertising Beach Flag, Flying Flag, Block Flag and so on.

Product Details

                                   Tennry Carbon Co.,Ltd, one of the professional manufacturers of graphite products in China, now brings you the best quality high quality graphite crucible for jewelry with stable performance. With experienced staff and advanced equipment in our factory, you can rest assured to wholesale products at cheap price with us.

High Quality Graphite Crucible for Jewelry

Quick Details

  • Type:High Strength

  • Application:melting industry

  • Height:As customized

  • Composition:Carbon

  • Top Diameter:As customized

  • Bottom Diameter:As customized

  • Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:Tennry

  • Density:1.85g/cm3

  • Size:as drawing or customer requirement


1.quick heat transfer,

2.high mechanical strength,

3.high temperature resistance and refractoriness, 

4.oxidation resistance,corrosion resistance,

5.low porosity, stable chemical performance

Product instructions

1.Crucible need to stored in ventilated and dry environment, avoid moisture to affected application.

2.Crucible should be handling gently, do not roll, in case not to damage the protective layer on the

surface of crucible

3,Before use,need baking crucible,the baking temperature from low to high slowly heat up, and

constantly flipping crucible and let its uniform heat, eliminate moisture , preheating temperature

gradually rises to more than 500℃ (if preheating undeserved, will lead to blowout, spalling,this

not belong to quality problems, won’t be refund)

4.Crucible furnace need mating with crucible, the gap of around need to meet the requirements,

furnace cover can't pressure on the crucible.

5.Need to avoid flame spray on the side of crucible, should be sprayed to the crucible bottom.

6.When feeding raw material, should be slowly, big size material don’t install too much and tight,

avoid to crack crucible.

7.Crucible tongs need suitable with crucible, to avoid damage crucible.

8.Crucible better be continuous used, in order better to play its high performance.

9.Need to periodic rotation when using crucible, for heated evenly, prolonged use

10.When remove the slag and stick cokes of crucible, should tap gently, to avoid damage to the crucible.

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