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Graphite Electrode for RAM-Type EDM

Graphite Electrode for RAM-Type EDM

Isostatic Graphite, Carbon, Electrode manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Graphite Electrode for RAM-Type EDM, Graphite Electrode and Quadrel, Graphite Boat Graphite Plate Graphite Gasket and so on.

Product Details

Tennry Carbon Co.,Ltd, one of the professional manufacturers of graphite products in China, now brings you the best quality

graphite electrode for ram-type edm with stable performance. With experienced staff and advanced equipment in our factory,

you can rest assured to wholesale products at cheap price with us.

Graphite Electrode for RAM-Type EDM

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:EDM-I1

  • Type:Graphite Electrodes

  • Composition:Special Graphite

  • Carbon Content:High-Carbon

  • Grade:Industrial Grade

  • Forming Way:Isostatic Graphite

  • Crystal Morphology:Artificial Graphite

  • Bulk Density:1.70g/Cm3;

  • Electric Resistivity:12μΩm

  • Compressive Strength:60MPa

  • Flexural Strength:28MPa

Product Description

Our products are widely used in many fields such as Energy and Photovoltaic Industry, semiconductor,

Non-ferrous Metal Continuous Casting, Glass and Ceramic industry, Vacuum Furnace, Sinter Industry, EDM,

Aerospace and military

The main applications in different fileds:

A. Energy and Photovoltaic Industry
(Etch Chamber Components
Ion Implantation
E-Beam Crucibles

1. For CZ Crystal Pulling Equipments:
Heat Preservation cover
Draft Tube
Graphite Electrode
Electrode Nut

2. For Polycrystalline Silicon and Silicon ingot equipments:
Graphite Collect
Graphite Nozzle
Graphite Base
Graphite hot field of ingot furnace

B. Non-ferrous Metal Continuous Casting, Glass and Ceramic industry

1. For Non-ferrous Metal Continuous Casting and Precious Metal Smelting:
Crystallization Container
Graphite Plate
Graphite Crucible
Glas Analysis Crucible
Continuous Casting Dies
Graphite moulds
Copper mould tube
Tungsten Carbide Rolls and Rings

2. For Glass and Ceramic industry:
Graphite Mould
Graphite Electrode
Graphite Rod
Graphite Corner Ruler
Take-out Assemblies
Take-out Inserts
Dead Plate Assemblies
Sweep-out Assemblies
Lehr Stacker Bar Assemblies
Specialty Items

C. Vacuum Furnace, Sinter Industry
1. For Vacuum Furnace:
Graphite Heat Insulation Blanks
Graphite Tube
Graphite Rod
Graphite Heater

2. For Cemented Carbid:
Graphite Boat

3. For Diamond industry:
Graphite Mould
Graphite Rod
Graphite Heater Parts

4. For Electronic Product Sintering:
Graphite Boat
Graphite Mould

Plastic injection cavities

E. Aerospace & military
Rocket Nozzles
Non-magnetic graphite for Missile Nose Cones

F. Graphite bearing
Graphite sealing ring
Graphite vanes for pump

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