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Details the antioxidant properties of graphite Crucible material

The main raw materials of graphite Crucible is made of graphite, today we focus on is the oxidation resistance of graphite materials.

Graphite Crucible is mainly graphite and processed, that is, an allotrope of carbon, around each carbon atom attached to three other carbon atoms (was multiple hexagonal cellular arrangement) to covalent bond to form covalent molecules. Mostly carbon graphite Crucible, part of the air, so prone to graphite crucible in high temperature oxidation, such as lactose, shedding occurs. Study on a new type of antioxidant coatings long-term study found that oxidation of graphite materials started around 500 c, graphite crucible with the rise of temperature, oxidation renders geometric growth and oxidation.

High temperature graphite furnace gas, oxygen, corrosion, high temperature oxidation reaction on the gas will cause the continuous consumption of graphite materials, even broken, broken. Oxidation of graphite material side of the total consumption of 40%-60%.

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