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Graphite Crucible manufacturer analysis of factors influencing the service life of crucible

By adding different additive (75, 95 silicon, silica powder, Aluminum powder, boron carbide), additives on product performance, especially antioxidation effect, the best recipe, and filter out the experiment the formula. Now, graphite Crucible manufacturer to introduce you analysis of the factors influencing the service life of crucible:

Medium frequency induction furnace graphite Crucible is used furnace parts needs to be replaced. In order to improve the service life of crucible, small first of all analyses the factors influencing the service life of crucible:

1. effect of heating operation: graphite Crucible heating up to 300 degrees Celsius or so, stress increased, after 300 degree Celsius temperature rise in the use of micro-cracks are often caused by appearance.

2. residual liquid erosion: because the slag fluid erosion, erosion and carbon oxide hydroxide burns and other factors, resulting in no smelting furnace, Crucible erosion thickness reaches 2-3mm, 200-300mm high late in furnaces at the Crucible smelting thickness reduced from 50mm to 15-20mm.

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