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Graphite Crucible manufacturer which produces standard

Crucible is widely used in metallurgical, casting, machinery, chemical industry and other industrial sectors, mainly used for smelting and alloy tool steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys melting. Because of the particularity of the Crucible heated, so very high quality requirements of the Crucible, in turn, Crucible manufacturer requirements are particularly strict, we now know the graphite crucible to Crucible the conditions that manufacturers need to conform to the production.

1.the graphite Crucible manufacturer must have a formal workshop;

2.the Crucible production equipment manufacturers must be standard, you cannot use the aging production facilities, in order to avoid accidents during production;

3.the manufacturer must have a professional team of skilled workers, provide a guarantee for the quality of crucible;

4.graphite Crucible manufacturers must have production qualification permit from the relevant departments.

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