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Graphite Crucible specification description and its application value

Graphite crucibles are common equipment in industry, especially in the metallurgical industry and the device's value is irreplaceable, compared with the traditional Crucible materials, graphite has stable chemical properties, making it an outdoor complex environment of high temperature heating process and will not be easily modified. As an advanced metallurgical equipment, boiler needs to withstand the high temperatures and equipment needed in the process of smelting metals, common materials can't resist heat, rupture phenomenon often occurs.

Graphite crucible for many kinds of specifications, according to the different needs, different product specifications. Square graphite crucibles in the metallurgical industry are good results. The equipment to take a square look design, materials can be saved at the same time, also ensure that equipment maintenance and handling more convenient.

Pyrolytic graphite Crucible graphite Crucible is the latest in series of devices, by adding new elements in the stone pot ensures that for high-temperature decomposition at high temperatures the heating process, you can extend the life of equipment. In addition to metallurgical industries, can also be used in machinery and foundry industry.

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