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Profile of graphite powder

Graphite powder is a kind of battery cathode materials. Process of graphite powder, ore ore after blasting through the harvesters into the stone-breaking machine damaged going into the ball mill's flotation, graphite elected will float the wet material into the ball mill grinding featured, selected wet bags sent to get caught in the dryer dry, pour dry ingredients, pour dry ingredients are graphite products. Pour dry ingredients into baking workshops, dry bag, graphite powder, the carbon content of products is 90%.

Graphite shape features a dark grey metallic and opaque thin scale-like solid. Graphite is very soft, creamy feeling. Has excellent conductive properties.

Properties of graphite powder

Graphite powder soft, dark gray; the greasy feeling, which can contaminate the paper. Hardness of 1--2, along with impurities in a straight direction for which the hardness can be increased to 3--5. For 1. 9--2. 3. In the condition of oxygen barrier, more than its melting point at 3,000, is one of the most heat resistant mineral deposits.

At room temperature Xia graphite powder of chemical nature compared stable, not dissolved Yu water, and dilute acid, and dilute alkali and organic solvent; not as high temperature Xia and oxygen response, generated carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide; in halogen in the as long as fluoride can and elemental carbon directly response; in heating Xia, graphite powder more easy was acid oxidation; in high temperature Xia, also can and many metal response, generated metal carbide, in high temperature Xia can exercise metal.

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