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Analysis Of Common Problems In Mold Processing

Mold is called  the mother of industry, is used to make the tools of forming items,  according to different materials can be divided into metal molds,  plastic molds and some special molds, such as our 3D glass bending need  to use graphite mold. With the mold, we can make  the product, it can be said that the mold processing is essential, then  we will encounter in the processing of what problems, today we come to  understand the mold processing process encountered common problems.

First, how to choose die steel?

1.Look at the molding method

Choose from two basic material types.

A) hot working tool steel, it can withstand the molding, forging and extrusion when the relatively high temperature.

B) Cold worked tool steel for cutting and cutting, cold forming, cold extrusion, cold forging and powder press forming.

2.Look at the material of the processed product

Some plastics can produce corrosive by-products, such as PVC plastic. Damage  caused by prolonged downtime, corrosive gases, acids, cooling /  heating, water or storage conditions can also cause corrosion. In these cases, stainless steel steel is recommended.

3.Look at the size

Large size often uses pre-hardened steel. The whole hardened steel is often used for small size.

4.Look at the number of times

Long-term use (> 1 000 000 times) should use high hardness steel, the hardness of 48-65 HRC. Medium use (100 000 to 1 000 000 times) should use pre-hardened steel with a hardness of 30-45 HRC. For short periods of time (<100 000 times), mild steel should be used with a hardness of 160-250 HB.

5.Look at surface roughness

Many plastic manufacturers are interested in good surface roughness. When adding sulfur to improve the metal cutting performance, the surface quality will be reduced. Steel with high sulfur content also becomes more brittle.

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