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Application And Characteristics Of Graphite Anode Plate

Graphite anodes are used less ash carbon materials prepared through crushing, mixing, forming, baking, soaking, and 2,500 ℃ high temperature graphitizing resistance furnace, and then after mechanical finishing. Finished with very good chemical, physical and electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity. Production of graphite anode plate can be applied in the industries such as the electronics industry.

Calcium graphite anode for electrolysis, electrolysis of magnesium industry. Characterized by low resistivity, high density, bending, good erosion resistance and long service life. Need graphite anode plate manufacturers are welcome to inquire, product characteristics and uses:

1, with a high temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity thermal performance, easy machining, good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, low ash content;

2, used in electrolytic aqueous solutions, producing chlorine, caustic, and electrolytic preparation of alkali salt; for example using graphite anodes can be used as conductive anode electrolytic production of caustic soda salt solution;

3, the application of graphite anodes can be used as plating industries conducting anode, is ideal for a variety of electroplating material plating products having a smooth, delicate, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high brightness, not easy to change color and so on.

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