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Application Of Graphite Electrode In Nickel - Iron Alloy Plating

(1) nickel iron alloy plating problems

    ① the nickel ion in the solution rises too fast. Because of the high chloride ion content in the solution, it is 1  times larger than the chloride ion in the high nickel tank, which leads  to the rapid dissolution of the nickel anode and the difficulties and  troubles of the bath maintenance.

    ② plating tank pH rise faster, sometimes lh to tune several times, resulting in increased failures.

    (2) the use of graphite anode

    Anode material area ratio: nickel: iron: graphite = (11.5 ~ 12): 1: 1.

    If the graphite area is too long, it is easy to reduce the main salt concentration and pH value; too small is not obvious. Through practice, to obtain an ideal area ratio, both to control  the concentration of the bath and the proportion of coating alloy, and  not to the bath pH value is too high, depending on the cathode plating  area of different [45].

    (3) the working principle of graphite anode

    ① graphite anode to 0H- in the anode graphite discharge,  precipitation of oxygen 02 and water, the reaction is as follows: 40H- =  02 ↑ + 2H2O + 4e

    And water molecules continue to provide ionization OH-: 2H20 → 2H ++ 20H-

    In combination with the above two types of graphite, a large  amount of graphite is consumed, and H + is continuously added to the  bath, and H + is consumed by the cathode to precipitate hydrogen, so  that the pH of the solution is stabilized.

    ②  the current consumption of graphite is only the release of oxygen, and  not like the nickel plate and iron plate as the solution to dissolve  nickel ions and iron ions, thereby reducing the flow to the nickel plate  and iron plate current, thus reducing the solution of nickel ions and Excessive growth of iron ions. Adjust the area of graphite, it also regulates the distribution  of current, so that the addition of ions and iron ions to properly  supplement its consumption, to reach the stability of nickel and iron  salt concentration unchanged.

    (4) the use of graphite anode

    ① graphite loaded graphite is more brittle, easy to break, free  impact, the best into the titanium basket or protective basket, with  titanium hook hanging in the anode.

    ② Graphite surface treatment with a wood planing rough surface planing smooth and then use.

    ③ graphite wrapped with multi-layer filter paper coated, and then coated with polyester cloth [51]

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