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Application Of Graphite In The Electrical Industry

Graphite has excellent electrical conductivity, are widely used. Qingdao Tennry special graphite for graphite electrode production has been widely used in many domestic and foreign enterprises, has been widely praised market, welcome everyone to come buy.

Graphite used in the electrical industry as electrodes, carbon brushes, rods, carbon tubes, mercury rectifier positive pole and graphite washers, cell phone parts, television tube coatings and so on. Wear resistance and the graphite in lubricating materials used as lubricants in machinery industry. Among them, the most widely used graphite electrodes, when various alloy steel, the Ferroalloy smelting, graphite electrode, then a strong current through the electrodes into the electric furnace melting zone, arcing electrical energy into heat energy, temperature up to 2000 degrees Celsius, so as to achieve the purpose of melting or reaction. In addition, when the electrolysis of magnesium, aluminum, sodium, graphite electrode for electrolytic anode. Production of graphite electrode for steel stove burner conductive material.

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