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Calcined Petroleum Coke

Petroleum coke is a black or dark gray solid solid petroleum products,  with metallic luster, was porous, is composed of tiny graphite crystal  grain, columnar or needle-like composition of the carbon body.

The main purpose
The main purpose of petroleum coke is the pre-baked anode and anode  paste used in the electrolytic aluminum, the carbon production industry,  the graphite electrode, the smelting industrial silicon and the fuel.

Classification distinction
According to the structure and appearance of petroleum coke, petroleum  coke products can be divided into needle coke, sponge coke, pelvic coke  and powder coke 4 kinds:

(1)  needle coke, with a clear needle-like structure and fiber texture,  mainly used for high-power steel and ultra-high power graphite  electrode. As the needle coke in the sulfur content, ash, volatile and true  density and other aspects of strict quality requirements, so the needle  coke production process and raw materials have special requirements.

(2) sponge coke, high chemical reactivity, low impurity content, mainly for the aluminum industry and the carbon industry.

(3) projectile coke or spherical coke: shape was spherical, diameter  0.6-30mm, generally by the high sulfur, high asphalt quality residue  production, can only be used for power generation, cement and other  industrial fuels.

(4) powder coke: the fluidized coking process, the particles fine  (diameter 0.1-0.4mm), volatile high, high thermal expansion coefficient,  can not be directly used for electrode preparation and carbon industry.

According  to the different sulfur content, can be divided into high sulfur coke  (sulfur content of more than 3%) and low sulfur coke (sulfur content of  3% or less). Low sulfur coke can be used as an anode and prebaked anode for aluminum plants and graphite electrodes for steel mills. One high-quality low-sulfur coke (sulfur content of less than 0.5%) can be used to produce graphite electrodes and by carbon. General quality low sulfur coke (sulfur content less than 1.5%) is commonly used in the production of prebaked anode. While low-quality petroleum coke is mainly used for smelting industrial silicon and producing anode paste. High sulfur coke is generally used as fuel for cement plants and power plants.

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