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China 's Special Graphite Market Prospects

Special  graphite as a variety of excellent properties of carbon new materials,  has been applied in many areas, covering the national key development of  new materials industry. Due  to the important role of special graphite in the field of nuclear  energy and military industry, many developed countries will be special  graphite high-end products as a strategic material to restrict exports  to China, to meet the needs of major national construction projects to  ensure national strategic security, China must improve the special  graphite high-end products Of the localization of security capabilities.

At present, China's special amount of graphite is poor quality, only to replace the import has great potential for development.

1,  domestic special graphite specifications are low, most domestic  manufacturers of isostatic graphite specifications generally in the  direct 300-500mm, very few to 600-700mm specifications of the product,  and Japan and other countries already have the ability to diameter  1000mm and above The

2,  the performance gap of special graphite, with the development of the  downstream areas, the requirements of hydrostatic graphite have higher  purity, high strength, fine particles characteristics, especially in the  single crystal furnace to the development of large-scale, nuclear power  Has been diamond processing of hydrostatic graphite more demanding,  and most of our enterprises do not yet have the technical capacity.

As the technology is relatively low, the price of domestic special graphite significantly lower than imported graphite. Huge price space and technology continue to capture, to replace the huge import potential.

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