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Conductive Material For Graphite

Conductive material for graphite

When various steel alloys, ferroalloys and ore are smelted by electric-arc furnace and electric furnace or products calcium carbide, phosphorus, strong current through the carbon graphite electrode or electrodes into the smelting area of furnace to produce electric-arc. Electric transfer into heat, the temperature rise to about 2000 ℃, so as to achieve the requirements of smelting or reaction

Magnesium, aluminum, sodium generally born in molten salt electrolysis, conductive material of electrolyzer anode are based on graphite electrode or a row of self-baking electrode. The temperature of molten salt could not achieve1000 ℃generally.

The anode conductive material of Salt solution electrobath which produce sodium hydroxide and chlorine are graphite electrode. Conductive material of resistance furnace which produce silicon hydroxide are also graphite electrode.
Carbon and graphite products are widely used as a conductive electrode material in the manufacturing industry, like Slip ring and electric-brush. In addition, they are used for the carbon rod of dry-cell, searchlight or the arc carbon, the anodic of mercury rectifier and so on.

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