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Details Of Molten Copper-graphite Crucible Of Analysis

In today's metals industry, tend to have high levels of dissolved copper graphite crucible melting effect. Its advantage lies in the Crucible, even in colder environments, promoting the melting of metals. Thus, such a crucible of oxidation resistance and temperature is very high. On it in the production process, is widely used.

Compared to other products, molten copper-graphite crucibles are often not too much pollution, after all, the material of graphite Crucible product energy consumption is low, so you can ensure the product green environmental protection effect, so by the pursuit of mass, the increasing market demand.

We are concerned about the effects of the products, we find that the product in the process of sustainable use, durability will also increase, so as to ensure the application of product. Natural graphite in composition of the product, makes the effect of heat conduction performance is satisfactory. And products containing a variety of protective layer, ensuring that the product will not be affected by wear or corrosion.

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