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Effect Of Graphite Tube

Graphite tube atomic absorption spectrometry is on show in the gas phase the ground state atoms of the element of the element to be measured has a strong absorption of Atomic resonance radiation and the establishment. This method has a detection limit of low accuracy and selectivity, speed and so on. Temperature absorption optical path, sampling methods, such as the experimental conditions is fixed, sample test of ground state atoms of elements for this element as a line source of hollow cathode lamp radiation of monochromatic light by absorption, the absorbance (a) and the concentration of that element in the sample (c) is proportional. In the A=KC, k is a constant. Thus, by measuring the absorbance of the standard solution and the unknown solution and standard solution of known concentration, can be used for standard curves, element concentrations to be detected in the unknown solution is obtained. This method is mainly used in the sample micro and trace analysis.

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