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Expandable Graphite

Expandable  graphite is a new type of carbon material that interacts with the atoms  of the carbon atom layer and the interstitial matter. Expanded  graphite is a kind of worm-like graphite which is expanded by pyrolytic  extruded graphite and c-axis along the graphite layer. It has wide  application prospect in environmental protection, military, high-energy  battery materials, carrier materials and biomedicine.

The production process of  the expandable graphite is to mix the hydrogen peroxide with the  concentrated sulfuric acid to form a strong oxidizing environment. The π  bond between the graphite layers forms the electrode potential  difference, so that the graphite layer is opened and the H2SO4 in the  sulfuric acid mixture is separated by ion groups Form into the layers, and to weaken the bond mode to retain the formation of graphite intercalation compounds.

The  ionized groups of H2SO4, which remain in the graphite layer, are  instantaneously decomposed at high temperatures and, while escaping from  the graphite layer, the large amount of heat generated causes the  graphite to be pulled from the longitudinal direction to form a  worm-like shape because of its characteristics So it is called expandable graphite.

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