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Fireproof Expansion Seal Strip

The  fireproof expansion seal strip is also known as the flexible fireproof  expansion seal strip, which is mainly used for doors and doors of steel  doors and doors, doors and doors, doors and doors.When fire fire  expansion automatic sealing strip, sealing the door gap, blocking air  circulation between two Spaces, effectively prevent the fire early  smoke, toxic gas and heat and control the harm of human body fire  spread.Fireproof expansion seals apply to lamps, fire doors, Windows and  construction strips.

Characteristics of fireproof expansion seals:
1.  The fireproof expansion seal is highly processed with high purity and  has a large expansion ratio (25 to 30 times the fire expansion ratio).
2.  The fireproof expansion seal strip is viscous after the fire expands  and will not be carried away by the flame. The sealing effect is good.
3.  The fire-proof expansion seal is well-made, accurate in size, all kinds  of specifications, and can be produced according to the requirements of  the user, reducing the loss of users in production.
4. Passive fire  protection (passive fire protection) : it has no fire-fighting effect on  its own, which is used to prevent the spread of fire in the area where  the fire has occurred and to prevent the loss of life and property.

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