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Graphite, Basic Understanding Of The Value And Use Of

China graphite products is divided into scales graphite and micro-spar ink two big class: scales graphite refers to natural Crystal quality graphite, its shape fish squamous, Department by Crystal quality (scales-like) graphite ore by processing, and dressing, and some by purification and have of products; micro-spar ink had said soil-like graphite or amorphous shaped graphite, refers to by tiny of natural graphite Crystal constitute of dense-like collection body, Department by hidden Crystal quality (soil-like) graphite ore by processing, and some by dressing, and purification and have of products.

Scales graphite according to fixed carbon content is divided into high pure graphite, and high carbon graphite, and in the carbon graphite and the low carbon graphite 4 class, in accordance with products grain diameter, and fixed carbon content total is divided into 212 species grades, high pure graphite (fixed carbon content is greater than or is equal to 99.9%) main for flexible graphite sealed material, instead of Platinum crucible for chemical reagents melting and the lubricant base material,; high carbon graphite (fixed carbon content 94.0%~99.9%) main for refractory, and lubricant base material, and electric brush raw materials, and electric carbon products, and battery raw materials, and Pencil, such as raw materials, fillers and coating; carbon graphite (carbon content of 80%~94%) is mainly used for crucibles, refractory materials, casting materials, coating, pencil, such as raw materials, battery materials and dyes.

Low-carbon graphite (carbon content of greater than or equal to 50.0%~80.0%) is mainly used for coating. Microcrystalline graphite into Fe requires no iron requirements and 2 categories, according to the carbon content of product, maximum size is divided into 60 brands, various grades of graphite products for the cosmetic requirements product may not be visible to the naked eye in wood, iron, stone tablets and other debris, products are not contaminated by impurities, the technical requirements shown in the table below. Microcrystalline graphite content of acid-soluble iron is less than 1%, mainly used for pencils, batteries, electrodes, graphite emulsion ingredients, graphite bearings and carbon rod of battery raw materials; without iron requirements of microcrystalline graphite is mainly used for cast materials, refractories, raw materials such as dyes and electrode paste.

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