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Graphite Crucible Introduction

Graphite crucible, because of high temperature, thermal expansion coefficient is  small, against thermal shock has a certain anti-strain performance, acid  and alkaline solution corrosion resistance, with excellent chemical  corrosion stability, so in metallurgy, casting, machinery ,  Chemical and other industrial sectors, is widely used in alloy tool  steel smelting and nonferrous metals and alloys of smelting, and has a  good technical and economic results.

Graphite  crucible is mainly made of graphite, that is, a kind of carbon  isomorphic body, each carbon atom around the other three carbon atoms  (arranged in a cellular multi-hexagonal) to covalent Bond to form a covalent molecule. Most  of the graphite crucible is carbon, part of the air, so that the  graphite crucible at high temperatures prone to oxidation, Shuhua,  shedding and other phenomena.

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