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Graphite Material Gradually Replaced Copper Mold

In recent years,  with the extensive use of molds in the machinery industry in the annual  consumption of mold value is a total value of 5 times the total value  of various machine tools, huge heat loss and our existing energy policy  is also very far apart. A large number of mold  consumption, not only directly increase the cost of the enterprise, but  also because of frequent replacement of molds and lead to a large number  of production lines frequently discontinued, and ultimately cause huge  economic losses.

Graphite EDM discharge material, in the mold production plays an extremely important role. Compared  with the traditional copper mold, the graphite material has the  advantages of high precision and good surface effect, especially in the  precision, complex, thin-wall, high hard material mold cavity processing  has a greater advantage. Compared with copper, graphite  material has the advantages of less consumption, fast discharge, light  weight and small thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, the  replacement of copper electrode becomes the mainstream of discharge  machining material.

In contrast, graphite electrode materials have the following six advantages:

One, fast;

Graphite  discharge is 2-3 times faster than copper, the material is not easy to  deformation, in the thin bar electrode processing on the obvious  advantages of copper softening point of about 1000 degrees, easily due  to heat and deformation, graphite sublimation temperature of 3650  degrees, In contrast, graphite thermal expansion coefficient of copper only 1/30;

Two, light weight;

Graphite density is only 1/5 of copper, large electrode discharge  processing, can effectively reduce the burden of machine tools (EDM),  more suitable for large-scale mold applications;

Third, the loss of small;

As the spark oil contains C atoms, in the discharge processing, the  high temperature lead to the spark oil C atoms are decomposed, and in  the graphite electrode surface to form a protective film to compensate  for the loss of graphite electrodes;

Four, no burr;

Copper electrode in the processing after the end of the need to  manually remove the burr, and graphite processing without burrs, which  not only save a lot of cost and manpower, while easier to achieve  automated production;

Five, easy to polish;

As the graphite cutting resistance is only 1/5 of copper, the operation is more easy to hand grinding and polishing;

Six, low cost;

Due  to the rising prices of copper in recent years, and now, all aspects of  the same price of graphite is lower than the copper; the same volume of  the universality of Toyo carbon, graphite products, the price of copper  lower than 30 to 60 percent, Prices are relatively stable, short-term price fluctuations are relatively small.

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