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Graphite Purification

Alkaline acid method is the main method of chemical purification of graphite, and it is also a mature process. Through the strong alkali and strong acid, will be insoluble in water  impurities, into a water-soluble salts, in the repeated washing process,  so as to achieve the purpose of purification.

Alkaline  method to improve the principle of graphite is NaOH and graphite in a  certain proportion of mixing evenly calcined at 500-700 ℃ high  temperature graphite impurities such as silicate, aluminosilicate,  quartz and other components and sodium hydroxide Chemical reaction occurs, the formation of soluble sodium silicate or  acid soluble sodium aluminosilicate, and then washed with water to  remove it to achieve the purpose of desilication.

Another  part of the impurities such as metal oxides, etc., after alkali melting  remains in the graphite, the product after the desilication with acid  leaching, the metal oxide into a soluble metal compounds, and graphite  carbonate And other impurities and alkali leaching process formed in the  acid-soluble compounds and acid reaction into the liquid phase, and then  through the filter, washing and graphite to achieve separation.

Graphite  chemical inertness, good stability, it is insoluble in organic solvents  and inorganic solvents, not with lye reaction; in addition to nitric  acid, concentrated sulfuric acid and other strong oxidizing acid, it  does not react with many acids; The following does not react with water and water vapor. Therefore, the nature of graphite in the purification process remains unchanged.

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