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High Purity Graphite Overview And Product Use

High purity  graphite (also known as scaly high thermal conductivity toner) has the  advantages of high strength, good thermal shock resistance, high  temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, small resistance  coefficient, corrosion resistance, easy machining and so on. It is ideal  inorganic nonmetallic material. High purity  graphite (for the production of electric heating components, structural  casting mold, smelting high purity metal crucible boat, single crystal  furnace heater, EDM graphite, sintering mold, tube anode, metal coating,  semiconductor technology Graphite crucibles, emission tubes, thyristors and mercury arc rectifiers with graphite anode, gate and so on.

       High  purity graphite is widely used in the metallurgical industry of  advanced refractory materials and coatings, military industrial  pyrotechnics materials stabilizer, light industry pencil lead, the  electrical industry carbon brush, the battery industry electrode,  fertilizer industry catalyst additives. High-purity  graphite after deep processing, but also produce graphite milk, graphite  sealing materials and composite materials, graphite products, graphite  anti-wear additives and other high-tech products, as the various  industrial sectors important non-metallic mineral raw materials

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