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Main Factors Affecting The Sales Of Graphite Anode Plate

Graphite anode plate itself is a conductive material, as a conductor, speaking from the name as the name suggests is the anode. Graphite anode electrolytic material, certainly has its advantages compared with other anode material. Simply put: the broad scope of application, chemical stability, high temperature resistance and good thermal conductivity!

Graphite anode plate as an environmentally friendly material, is now actively promoting an anode material!

Graphite anode plate accounted for 18% in my company's annual sales, accounted for 22%. Suggesting the company's graphite anode product has some acceptance in the market. In addition, the graphite anode product sales are rising year by year, the company's marketing meeting to study how the graphite anode plate sales rising to a new level!

Each product has its field of application, graphite anode plate is no exception! To increase sales, first understand the characteristics and applications of graphite anode plate itself. Application of electrolytic aluminum industry most, graphite anodes for electroplating industry applications specifications range of graphite anode plate can be used to produce chlorine and caustic soda; environmental protection facility can handle sewage!

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