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New Energy And New Materials In The Field Of Graphite Demand Forecast

First, the new energy and new materials in the field of graphite demand forecast
1.1 sealing material on the demand for graphite
Expanded  graphite retains the original chemical properties of natural flake  graphite, and adds many unique mechanical properties, is an ideal  sealing material. The  role of sealing material determines the country in the economic  restructuring will be to focus on supporting the industrial sector. With  the development of China's automobile, petroleum, chemical and power  industries, the graphite sealing industry will have broad prospects for  development. 2010 sealed industry total output of 70,000 t, is expected by 2015  China's total output of sealing materials to about 100,000 t, the  average annual growth rate and China's automobile production growth rate  quite.

1.2 brake material graphite demand outlook brake products market
Demand growth is closely related to the development of the automobile industry. Statistics  show that in 2010 China's friction materials industry with an annual  output of 426,000 tons of friction material products, including  automotive friction materials accounted for about 80% of the total. With  the rapid development of China's national economy, the rapid growth of  the automobile industry in recent years and a substantial increase in  foreign market demand, friction materials industry has also been rapid  development, is expected by 2015 China's total output of friction  materials will reach 800,000. According  to China's auto industry growth rate of 7.8%, by 2020 China's total  output of friction materials will reach 1.15 million t, brake car  graphite demand of 0.4% to 1.3%, is expected to consume graphite 0.5 to  16,200 t.

1.3 lubrication, adsorption of graphite demand
Graphite  material good lubricity from the graphite crystal structure, therefore,  the application of production of dry powder graphite lubricant,  water-based graphite lubricant, oil graphite lubricant and other  products. Some scholars have also studied the issue of the addition of graphite in different lubricants. Such as water-based graphite lubricant, graphite particles in the content of 20% to 40%. In  the graphite adsorbent graphite content of the study, the different  ratio based on different raw materials, graphite mixing ratio also  showed a huge difference. Graphite lubricants, graphite adsorbent species varied, and there is no detailed status and forecast data. Based on the development of brake and sealing materials, this study makes a rough judgment on the future demand of graphite. It is expected that by 2020 China will use graphite for lubricants and adsorbents for 55,000 t and 31,000 t.

1.4 battery electrode on the demand for graphite
Graphite  conductivity is significantly better than other non-metallic materials,  is currently the most widely used lithium-ion battery anode material. China's lithium-ion battery industry in recent years has developed rapidly. In 2013, China's lithium-ion battery production has reached 4.678 billion. In  recent years, due to consumer electronics market tends to saturation,  lithium-ion battery demand growth will continue to decline. And in the field of electric vehicles lithium-ion battery market will enter the stage of rapid development. Therefore, the battery electrode on the demand for graphite will generally go through a "V" font process. Future  lithium-ion battery market demand for high-speed growth mainly from the  field of transport and industrial energy storage. Graphite  consumption in the electronics market is declining after it is  saturated. By 2020, the consumption of graphite in the electronics  market is about 24,000 t. While the consumption of the field of transport is growing rapidly. Based  on the planning capacity of new energy vehicles, it is expected that  the output of electric vehicles will reach 1.4 million by 2020, and the  demand for graphite in the field of transportation will reach 65,000 (t)

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