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Overview Of Fire - Resistant Expansion Seal And Analysis Of Its Product Characteristics

Fire expansion seal, also  known as flexible fire expansion seal, mainly for steel doors and doors  of the doors and doors, doors and doors between. When the  fire occurs when the fire expansion seal automatically inflated,  blocking the gap, blocking the air between the two air circulation,  effectively prevent the early fire smoke, toxic gases and heat on the  human body hazards and control the spread of fire. Fireproof seal is suitable for lamps, fire doors, windows and building structural strips.

Fire expansion seal features:

1,  fire expansion seal material processing sophisticated, high purity, by  the fire expansion of large (by the fire expansion of 25-30 times).

2,  fire expansion seal by the fire after a certain degree of sticky  sticky, will not be taken away by the flame, the sealing effect is good.

3,  fire expansion seal processing sophisticated, accurate size, a variety  of complete specifications, and according to user specifications for  production, reduce the user's loss in production.

4,  passive fire (passive fire): its own no fire effect, it is used in the  fire has occurred in the occasion of the spread of fire, to prevent the  loss of life and property purposes.

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