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Principle Of Graphite Paper

Why can graphite paper be conductive?

Since  the graphite contains a free movement of the charge, so after the  charge in the free movement of charge to form a current, it can be  conductive. The  real reason for the graphite conductivity is that the six carbon atoms  share six electrons in the center of the 6-electrons. In the same carbon  ring, all the 6-membered rings form a Π-Π conjugated system, Or in the same carbon ring of graphite, all the carbon atoms form a  huge large Π bond, and all the electrons in this large Π bond can flow  freely in the layer, which is why the graphite paper can be conductive.

Graphite is a sheet structure, there is a bond between the free electrons, power, can be directional movement. In fact all substances are conductive, but the size of the resistivity problem. The structure of the graphite determines that it is the least resistivity in the carbonaceous material.

Principle of graphite paper

Carbon  is a tetravalent atom, on the one hand, like the outermost layer of  metal atoms easily lost, the outermost electrons less carbon, much like  metal, so have a certain conductivity, when the infiltration of  pentavalent atomic phosphorus and trivalent atomic boron , Will produce the corresponding free electrons and holes. Plus  the carbon is very easy to lose the outer electrons, in the role of  potential difference, there will be movement and fill holes. Produce an electron flow. This is the semiconductor principle.

Conductive properties of graphite paper

Conductive, thermal conductivity: graphite conductivity than the general non-metallic mine one hundred times higher. Thermal conductivity than steel, iron, lead and other metal materials. Thermal conductivity decreases with increasing temperature, even at very high temperatures, graphite into a thermal insulation. Graphite  can be conductive because each carbon atom in the graphite and other  carbon atoms only form three covalent bonds, each carbon atom still  retains a free electron to transfer charge.

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