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Progress On Graphitization Of Carbon And Graphite Products Technology

Acheson graphite furnace with single-phase alternating current, in terms of transmission and distribution and power factor, there are many deficiencies. Practice has proved that the DC graphitization AC graphitization technology has many advantages, such as:

Graphite into three-phase DC power supply, elimination of the graphitization of high pressure the communication network and main step-down substations voltage and current imbalances caused by graphite products;

DC graphitization of high power factor, high up to 93, low, 0.745 and graphitization of AC power factor of only 0.45;

No hysteresis, Eddy current and DC graphitization skin effect losses, power savings, power consumption is approximately 4,400/tonne, was 3,300/ton,

DC graphitization and furnace short network inductance voltage drop does not exist, its low voltage Busbar 5% of the pressure drop is only rated for the output voltage, AC voltage low voltage bus of graphite, but as high as 30%;

DC graphitization average power and maximum power can be more Exchange of graphite by nearly half, it will help reduce the burden of power systems, reduce the loss of high voltage power grid;

Due to the high power of DC than AC graphite, high current density, high temperature, high degree of graphite, so help to improve product quality.

Comparison of AC and DC graphitization furnaces real parameters (see table 1) shows that the DC than AC current density of graphite 0.6~0.9 times higher; low 5~16% power consumption, high production capacity 1 time; top-grade product rate n.7~37.2% per cent.

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