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Special Graphite Industry Overview

Special graphite mainly refers to high-strength, high-density, high-purity  graphite products (referred to as three high graphite), its main high-quality petroleum coke as raw materials, coal asphalt or synthetic  resin as binder, raw materials, ingredients, ,  Has the advantages of excellent high temperature resistance, conductive  thermal conductivity, lubricity, high temperature characteristics,  chemical resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance,  high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical  resistance, High temperature hot peeling, plasticity and other characteristics, is  an important functional and expendable materials, widely used in  smelting, mold, chemical and other industries.

Three high graphite from the material structure can be divided into coarse  particles, fine particles and fine particles of three kinds of  structure, from the molding method to distinguish between the main  molding of special graphite, extrusion molding special graphite and  isostatic molding special graphite Three categories, in addition, vibration molding can also be used to produce special graphite. High-quality special graphite - isotropic graphite is the use of isostatic pressing process to produce special graphite.

Special graphite is widely used in high-tech materials with high quality, high  purity, high purity and high chemical stability. It is a high-tech  material with high quality, such as metallurgy, chemical industry,  petroleum, machinery, nonferrous metals, aerospace environmental  protection and nuclear engineering. ,  The structure is dense and uniform, high temperature, radiation  resistance, high conductivity, good wear resistance, self-lubricating  and other characteristics, high-tech industry is one of the  irreplaceable materials.

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