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The Application Of Graphite Products In Refractory Industry

Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature, without any strong acid, alkali and organic solvent erosion. Therefore,  the graphite products even if the long-term use of wear and tear is  very small, as long as wipe clean as new as the new.

Graphite products and carbon products have excellent performance and are widely used, and production capacity and efficiency are on a rapid growth trend.China's graphite products and carbon products industry are developing rapidly, and enterprises in the industry have a high ability to manage costs and have a strong profitability.With the promotion of application, the competition in China's graphite and carbon products industry is becoming increasingly fierce.With China's metallurgical, chemical, machinery, medical equipment, nuclear power, the rapid development of automobile, aerospace and other industries, these industries of graphite and carbon products demand will grow, graphite and carbon products industry will maintain rapid growth in China.

Graphite products applied in powder metallurgy aspect is mainly applicable to the automotive industry, equipment manufacturing industry, metal industry, aerospace, military industry, instruments and meters, hardware tools, electronic appliances and other parts in the field of production, and related raw materials, auxiliary materials, production of various kinds of powder preparation, sintering equipment manufacturing equipment.

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