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The Performance Of Silicon Carbide Crucible In High Temperature Environment
In metallurgy, chemical industry and other sectors there is a device used for alloy tool steel, smelting and other non-ferrous metal smelting, which is silicon carbide crucible. The Crucible has not only good economic results, and have good thermal conductivity, high temperature performance, in terms of heat very quickly, with a very good resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance.

General manufacture of graphite Crucible material should be fire-resistant and high to very high temperature resistance coefficient. Silicon Carbide Crucible material in sufficient strength in the smelting process of high temperature shocks, wear, if not high material strength, is likely to lead to wave the graphite Crucible, the lack of toughness. Silicon Carbide Crucible materials also need to pay attention to not react with the metal, high temperature and chemical resistance of metals are higher.

Silicon Carbide Crucible has good chemical stability and more specifications, so we need to pay attention when choosing, choose according to their needs.

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