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The Use Of Graphite

'Graphite' It is a  mineral, the chemical nature of graphite is not very lively, and it has a  certain degree of corrosion resistance, graphite exists in a variety of  ways, the appearance is also different. No matter  how the progress of the times, how the development of society, since  the beginning of the graphite in our lives have a wide range of  applications. Let us come from the kindergarten  access to some of the pigment, and our primary school to come into  contact with the pencil, the inside of the pencil is graphite, because  it has a very stable chemical properties, use it to write the word can  save A long time. In addition to the pencil core, the use of graphite there are many.

As the chemical properties of graphite is very stable, so graphite can  be used as pencil lead, paint, polishing agent, etc., with graphite to  write the word can be saved for a long time.

Graphite has a high temperature resistance, so it can be used as a  refractory, for example: in the metallurgical industry used in the  crucible is made of graphite.

Graphite can be used as a conductive material, for example: carbon  rods in the electrical industry, the positive electrode of mercury  positive flowers, brushes and so on are made of graphite.

It  is advisable to use graphite as a wear resistant material instead of  lubricating oil. Graphite is often used as a lubricant in mechanical  production. We all know that lubricating oil can not be used in high  temperature and high pressure, while graphite Different, graphite in high temperature environment can also be used.

The use of graphite has good chemical properties, can be used for  petrochemicals, synthetic fibers, heaters, etc., not only with corrosion  resistance, graphite conductivity is also quite good.

Because the expansion coefficient of graphite is small, it can be used  to make the sand, high temperature metallurgy and other materials.

Graphite has a good neutron modifier, stable, corrosion-resistant. Can be used for atomic energy industry and defense industry

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